Class Descriptions

* Please check to make sure the class you wish to attend is in session that day.


Haṭha Yoga + Meditation

studio BiNDU SUN 10:30-12:00 / WED, THR 11:00-12:30
All levels of practitioners are welcome. This class combines movement and static postures to strengthen and stretch the entire body. At times we will explore playful hand balances and deeply refreshing inversions. Each class includes a psychosomatic theme to deepen your understanding of the connection between your thoughts, emotions, and actions. By doing this we can begin to truly experience Yoga, "conscious harmony". This class ends with meditation practice to redirect the outer flow of awareness inward, and settle deeply into your renewed state of being.


Haṭha Yoga Basics

Nadi SUN 14:30-15:45
An entry level practice for all who wish to attend. Postural alignment and breath awareness are the primary focuses. Static postures are held to deepen your experience of the breath. It is this breath experience that will open up channels of ease and joy in the body-mind.
Active Restorative

Nadi MON 19:30-20:45
A class to replenish your tired body and mind for all levels. The class begins with a breath-centered, mid-tempo sun salutation series and standing poses to bring focus to the mind. We then move to the floor for a variety of restorative seated and reclined poses, culminating in shavāsana.


Vinyasa Yoga+Meditation

studio BiNDU TUE 13:30-15:00

An uptempo class with an emphasis on connecting movement, action, and breath. Simple poses are used to create a flowing sequence focused on refreshing the body and increasing cardiovascular stamina. Class ends with a breath-centered meditation practice and/or pranayama [breath expansion techniques] to center the mind and brings ease to the heart.


Yoga Lab

studio BiNDU TUE 18:45-20:15

Experimentation and Discovery!

This class will introduce eclectic sequences of poses and interesting variations using the wall.

One set of actions will be the central focus around which a variety of poses will be done. Postures will be held, so the actions can be more deeply experienced and imprinted in the body-mind. There will be passive poses during the practice in which to allow the effects of the practice to increasingly settle and nourish the physical and subtle body. Yogic breathing techniques to strengthen and clarify the flow of the breath and the mind will support this process.

This practice will release muscular tension, calm the nervous system and encourage deep rest to occur throughout your entire body-mind.


Active Restorative Yoga

studio BiNDU WED, THR 13:30-14:45
This class will help give a mid-day boost to low energy, stretch muscles needing attention from work/housework, and bring yourself into a more equanimous state for the rest of the day. Mid-tempo and breath-centric yogasana will be the main focus, with particular attention to stretching and strengthening the low back area and releasing tension in the pelvis and shoulders.

Crossed Mats Yoga Practice + Meditation

studio BiNDU WED 19:00-20:30
All levels of practitioner are welcome. In this practice, we use two mats set up in an `X` formation to create more variety of spatial transitions possible. This practice helps enhance our capacity to remain centered and equanimous during unusual and/or unfamiliar circumstances. The practice is centered around a series of mid-tempo sun salutations, with varied arm and leg positions to strengthen muscles and relieve tension in the shoulders and hips. From there we transition to the floor for seated and/or reclined postures, and a 10-15 minute meditation practice leading to shavāsana.


Restorative Vinyāsa Yoga

studio BiNDU THR 19:00-20:15

This evening class is to release the physical, mental, and emotional tensions of the day and prepare for deep and healing sleep. We begin with simple breath and awareness practice to refresh and bring an easeful focus to the mind. Mid-tempo yogasana centers on linking breath and movement in simple combinations of stretching and strengthening. This will help bring residual tension in the entire body-mind to the surface. We then end with a restorative pose and prāṇāyāma [breath expansion] to allow that tension to disperse and prepare the body and mind for deep, restful sleep.


Welcome to Yoga

studio BiNDU THR 20:30-21:30 / SAT 9:30-10:45

If you have wanted to try the practice of Yogasana (Yoga postures to improve physical health), or have less than a year of experience, this is a class for You.
Each class focuses on one or two alignment points. These points will help you create a safe pose that will increase your strength and flexibility and provide preventative maintenance for your body`s well being. With weekly practice, you can also alleviate physical pain and discomfort in your body, increase your ability to focus and improve your respiratory and cardiovascular system.


Rise & Shine Yoga

studio BiNDU SAT 8:00-9:15 

Start your weekend with a fun class to invigorate your body and mind for whatever you may have planned. Whether you will be hiking, biking, strolling around Kyoto or even spending time indoors relaxing or working, this class will give you the start you need to make whatever you do that much more enjoyable and easeful.

We will welcome the day with a series of sūryanamaskāra, accompanied by a variety of standing and seated poses to invigorate the muscles while creating a calm and settling in the heart and mind. The class will end with a seated meditation to further settle the heart and focus your mind for the day.

*** All levels of practitioners are invited to attend any of the classes except the TUE evening Yoga Lab and the WED evening Crossed Mats Yoga classes. For these classes you must have at least 1 year of regular weekly practice. If you need to modify poses, Mark is fully capable of offering you modifications.