Private/Group Lessons

I am available for private sessions for either one-on-one, semi-privates, or even intimate group classes. I can teach you from my home studio*, or travel to any site you request.
* Minami Funaoka-cho 38-14, Murasakino, Kita-ku, Kyoto, Japan 603-8225 (for a map, please go here)
Private sessions are a fantastic way to address specific areas to more powerfully nurture growth upon your path. Sessions can include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Therapeutic needs to heal injuries and bring you out of pain into a harmonious place of ease and freedom
  • To create a home practice that meets your personal physical needs and schedule
  • To learn more challenging āsanas, or prāṇāyāma and/or meditation


I also teach Yoga Nidrā, which is a form of guided meditation done in shavāsana, to cultivate awareness of the layers of the body-mind and place you in a very deep, relaxed, equanimous state of awareness.
In addition, I am available to bring yoga to your place of work. Studies have shown that having a yoga practice during the work day can increase the efficiency of those who participate, and create a more harmonious work environment.
I look forward to assisting you in whatever way I can to live at your highest level of potential in every aspect of your life.
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Towards the start of my yoga practice, I took private lessons with Mark to address basic alignment issues and aching knees. Through his intelligent, unique teaching style, Mark provided a clear perspective on alignment that continues to set the foundation for my practice, both in and outside of Anusara. The one-on-one dynamic took the impassioned spirit that Mark brings to every class to a new level. Without question, these sessions advanced my overall practice.
~ Jeff Mitchell
At the suggestion of one of Mark Shveima’s many devoted students, I began our private session with the remote possibililty in my mind that I might find a way to help relieve the pain in my left hip and quad. I came away with much more than three or four postures and the elimination of pain. In that short hour and a half, Mark shared with me the experience of gratitude and service, mindfulness, intention and focus; and he showed me how to bring these qualities of life into a daily practice of conscious alignment, targeted flexibility, rooted self-adjustment, and the opening of my heart. For this I am beyond grateful. Thank you again Mark for everything; you have helped guide me through a major turning point in my life in just the nick of time.
~ Bill Robberson